Schermafbeelding 2023 06 27 Om 11.49.20
Schermafbeelding 2023 06 27 Om 11.49.20

RiderMatthias Thijsen

UCI Code 100 908 740 28
TeamVamos Racing CC
Height180 cm
Weight71 kg


After leaving the MTB Race scene 1,5year ago due to work and focusing on that. But in January I found myself training again for the Algarve Bike Challenge and after finishing 2nd in the overall mixed cat. It was time for another challenge.

Recently, I started my own YouTube channel (, where I document my journey to earn a place among the top mountain bikers. The goal is to qualify for a Mountain Bike World Cup. To achieve this, I need to accumulate 60 UCI points, which can be earned by participating in UCI races and finishing in positions that award points.

On this YouTube channel – Matthias Thijsen – there is currently a series showcasing our trip to Spain for a UCI race, where we aimed to assess our current standing among the world’s elite. The channel not only covers the races but also provides insights into the entire framework, including training, nutrition, and experiences with other riders. The aim of the channel is to offer people a glimpse into the world of cycling/mountain biking and to document my story and challenges.



  • Algarve Bike Challenge Mixed 2th overall, 2 stage wins
  • Shimano Super Cup Santa Susanna 35th


  • BK XCM 23th
  • BK XCO 12th

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