2023 Regulations – Version February


City Mountainbike is proud to present this tutorial on the XCC- and XCE-races to all riders, teams and commissairs. It is important that all riders and their team managers know everything about the rules and about these races, ‘powered by City Mountainbike’. Thanks for reading it completely and for respecting these rules.

In this document you can find more information about:

  1. Practical & general information
  2. Formats & Racing Rules (UCI)
  3. TV Regulations
  4. Ceremony

1. Practical & general information

1.1. All practical information per race is published on the event page on our website:

All races have their personal event page.


1.2. This information is published on the event page:

  • Race Venue and address
  • Time schedule of the event
  • Parking space
    • Riders
    • Public
  • Registration desk
    • Location
    • Timing
  • Paddock
  • Start area
  • Finish area
  • Toilets
  • Doping control be aware of the doping control (indicated by signs)


1.3. Letter of Invitation

Riders who need a letter of invitation to travel can send their question to

Therefore, we kindly request to send us your full name, passport number and UCI ID, so City Mountainbike can provide you with a letter of invitation..

!! Please check before traveling if you need a visa for the country where you travel to, this is the full responsibility of the rider.


1.4. Registration

What to find at the registration desk:

  • Race schedules, timings & registration (also updates)
  • Respect the indicated opening times of the registration desk
    • Once the registrations are closed, you can no longer pick-up your race number, nor participate.
  • You can pick up your race number:
    • What needs to be in your envelope:
      • Your name + start number + start time (qualification time-trials XCE)
      • Bib numbers XCE (and XCC, if there is a XCC race)
      • 4 Safety pins + 4 small straps per number plate + 2 longer straps for the transponder
      • The transponder (This transponder must be mounted at the bottom of your fork, before you enter the race course)
      • Please return your transponder after the race to the registration desk (also if you’re out of the race), and we’d be happy to hand over your race license.
      • If we don’t receive your transponder within 30 minutes after the race, you will have to pay a € 100 penalty fee.


1.5. Online registrations

  • Registration can be done on – event page – registrations
    • Your registration is confirmed after payment and upon receiving the confirmation email!
    • An early bird registration discount will be offered in the beginning of the season.
    • Registration is possible till 14 days before the competition!!
      • Limited numbers of registrations are 45 women – 45 men (Except for the UCI World Championship where there is no limitation)
      • The LOC keeps 6 wild cards (3 Women – 3 Men)
      • Start lists will be published 8 days before the race
    • In case of cancellation a 20€ administrative cost will be charged, cancellation only possible until 14 days before the race.
    • If a rider does not show up on the day of the race, no registration fee shall be reimbursed.
    • Registration fees
      • UCI World Championships: XCE: 70euros
      • UCI World Cup: XCE: 45euros – XCC: 30euros
      • Champions League: XCE: 45euros
      • Continental Series: XCE: 20euros
      • National Series: XCE: 10euros
  • Age for participation
    • Cross-country eliminator – XCE
      • Cross-country eliminator races are open to all riders aged 17 or older (2006- 17 years old); There are no separated results for the juniors, under 23 or elite categories.
    • Cross-country shorttrack – XCC
      • Open for all riders with a valid race licence with a minimum age of 19 (year of birth 2004 or before) (men & women: Elite, U23, Masters, Amateurs)


1.6. Riders’ responsibilities

  • A helmet is obligatory
  • Not allowed to enter the course without number plate and chip.
  • Upon registration, each participant is covered by an insurance of the National Federation.
  • The organization cannot be held responsible for any accident or theft.


1.7. Course / Track

  • The course for a cross-country eliminator race is between 500m and 1000m and include natural and/or artificial obstacles. The whole course must be 100% rideable, single-track sections must be avoided as much as possible and where possible the course normally has not more than two 180Åã turns. The start and finish area must be separated in order to allow short race program.
  • Obstacles such as trees, stairs (up/down), drops, bridges or wooden constructions can create a dynamic short race.


1.8. Category – UCI

  • Apart from the UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Championships and the UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup, all other Eliminator races (XCE) events will be considered as Class 3 events.

2. Race information

2.1. XCE competition

General rules before competition (

  • At least 6 riders must be entered for the qualifying round, otherwise no XCE event may be held.
  • The race is open for or all riders with a valid race licence from his/her National cycling federation.
  • No UCI points limit for participation is required
  • Equality between women and men
    • We start in the heat with women followed by men
  • The complete program, qualifying round and main event shall be organized on the same day. Upon communication on City Mountainbike’s event page (one day for the qualifying round and one day for the main event).

Start procedure Individual Time Trials

  • Riders enter the track on indication of the commissaire
    • Max. 3 riders are allowed to wait in the track area
    • Riders enter the track by the start zone
    •  If different, it will be communicated on the event page on City Mountainbike’s website
  • The riders start every 30”.
  • Start is given under the finish arch: right/left; it depends on the track; finish at the opposite side
  • Somebody will hold the saddle; the rider can start with the feet on the pedals
  • The start commissaire counts down from 5 seconds to start
  • The clock doesn’t indicate the start time
  • Riders will leave the track directly after they finish – follow exit gate and exit marshal
  • Results are published live on the website
  • Don’t forget to pick-up your new race number at the registration desk after the individual time trials and change your race number before entering the heats!
  • The qualifying round takes the form of an individual timed run of one lap of the course. The best 32 riders (8×4) in women’s and men’s category go through to the main event, see schedule below.

  • The start times for qualifications can be found on your envelope, on the start list at the registration desk, and on the website – page event – start list
  • You can find all results on the website.
  • Riders have to change their number after the time trials at the registration desk!
  • In case of a tie between riders during the qualifying round, their order is determined by the last UCI XCE individual ranking. If the riders are not ranked in the UCI XCE individual ranking, the riders with the lowest number will then be given priority.
  • Race numbers for the qualifying round are in sequence starting from 33 based on the most recent UCI XCE individual ranking.
  • The riders start in sequence by their race number, the highest number starting first.
  • The women ride their time trials before the men

Main event/Heats

  • Riders enter the racetrack by the start zone.
  • All qualified riders wait in the start zone.
  • The heats consist of a maximum of 4 riders
  • The start commissaire will call the riders to their start place
  • The lowest number (number plate after the time trials) choose the start box first.

Start procedure Heats

  • Riders are waiting in the start box before calling up to the start box
  • Riders enter the racetrack by the start zone
  • The commissaire will call the riders to their start position.
    • Riders with the lowest number chooses his start box first
    • Until all riders are ready to start in the box
    • Commissaires will line up after the start of the former heat.
  • TV floor manager give the sign to the 15 sec. person to cross in front of the riders the track
  • The starting person
    • shows the 15 seconds sign and crosses the track 10 meters in front of the 4 riders who are waiting to start
    • She/he need space to enter one side and leave the other side of the track
  • The Start Commissaire can start the race by whistling between sec. 0 and sec. 15after the person holding the 15” sign crossed the track in front of the riders. The commissaire stands behind the riders
  • The riders must wait after the commissaire whistles
    • The commissaire stands behind the starting line
    • The riders are hold by a starter chosen by the LOC
    • Start is given by whistle
  • If a rider does not show up, we don’t wait to start the heats
  • False start
    • No wheel can pass the start line before starting (Middle of the wheel)
    • No riders can start before the whistle
    • By false start the riders who was responsible of that false start can’t start in the second start in this heat
    • We don’t stop the race after a false start, the riders who is responsible for the false start will be relegated (RAL) from his heat.
  • Between the heats there is no time gap
  • The commissaire will line up the next heat during the race of the former heat
  • There is 5’ between the different heats (but not between the small and big final)
  • Live results on the website event page
    • 1/8 finals
      • 8 series with 4 participants in each heat, 2 laps
        • 2 best participants go to the quarter finals
    • Quarter finals
      • 4 series of 4 participants in each heat, 2 laps
        • 2 best participants go to the semi-finals
    • Semi-finals
      • 2 series of 4 participants in each heat, 2 laps
        • 2 best participants go to the big final, the other 2 go to the small final
    • Finals
      • Small final: 2 laps
      • Big final: 2 laps
  • The race numbers for the main event are allocated based on the results of the qualifying round, starting with the number 1 for the winner of the qualifying round.
  • The main event comprises elimination heats in which the groups of riders are matched as shown on the tables of the XCE competition formats.Heat order:
    • men first until women come to equal heat system, then Women first
    • finals: women small final followed by; men’s small final followed by women’s big final and followed by men’s big final.
  • At the sole discretion of the commissaires’ panel, a rider can be announced relegated (REL) and will be given a heat position different to that of his actual finish.
  • Riders who are DSQ or DNS in the semi-finals may not enter the small final.
  • The final classification of the competition is drawn up in groups in the following order:
    • all riders competing in the big final, except for riders DSQ.
    • all riders competing in the small final, except for riders DSQ.
    • riders DNF or DNS in the semi-finals.
  • The classification of the other riders is determined by the round reached, then by the classification in their heat, then by their race number.
  • Within each of the above-mentioned groups, riders DNF are classified before DNS. In case of multiple DNF or DNS, the tiebreaker is the race number.
  • Riders DNF or DNS in the first round of the main event are listed without classification.
  • Riders DSQ in the main event are listed without classification.
  • All riders ranked after a rider DSQ are re-ranked one place higher within the affected phase only. No rider eliminated in an earlier phase can move up in the final classification. For example, in case of a DSQ in the big final, all riders ranked after the DSQ rider will be ranked one place higher and the rank four in the final classification will remain unallocated.
  • Riders not qualified for the main event are not listed in the final classification.

Specific rules

  • A start grid must be drawn on the ground. The riders must be lined up next to each other on one line. The riders in each heat may choose their starting position in order of their race number. The rider with the lowest race number gets first choice.
  • The XCE national champions must wear their XCE national jersey, and the XCE UCI World Champions and European Champion their XCE Champion jersey. The current leader of the UCI World Cup the leading jersey.
    Jerseys: order of Priority
  1. The UCI World Champion’s jersey
  2. Leader’s jersey of the UCI World Cup
  3. Continental Champion’s jersey
  4. National Champion Jersey

2.2. XCC competition

Short track Men – Women

  • All riders start together under the finish arch.
  • Riders will be ranked to start based on their current UCI ranking.
  • The rider with the lowest XCC start number chooses first his start position.
  • Lining up will be per 6 riders per line.
  • The race time is a full 10 minutes.
  • The last lap will be announced by a bell.
  • Doubled riders must leave the race.
  • The 80% rule will be applied by the UCI commissaire
  • Separated XCC race for men and women
  • Minimum riders: 8 women – 12 men
  • The winner is the rider who cross the finish line first.
  • UCI point: cat3


2.3. Responsibility

  • A helmet is obligatory.
  • Not allowed to enter the course without number plate
  • Upon registration, each participant is covered by an insurance of the National Federation.
  • The organization cannot be held responsible for any accident or theft.


2.4. Time registration

  • Every rider gets 1 chip for time registration. (The organization cannot be held responsible for any error if the chip could not be applied as prescribed!)
  • Each rider is responsible to return his chip immediately after his last race to the registrations-desk – when the organization doesn’t receive the chip back, the rider will be a penalised with a fine of 100 euros.
  • The riders’ number should be visibly attached on the handlebar as well as on the shirt during XCE races.
  • Participants of the UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup must change their number (on the handlebar) AFTER the time trial in accordance with his/her results in the time trial


2.5. Laps

  • Qualifications = 1 lap
  • Heats: 1 or 2 laps, depends on the track length
    • Circuits under 600 meters are 2 laps


2.6. General rules & fair play

  • The UCI PCP is final responsible for complaints
    • Riders can only report a complaint to the UCI PCP
    • This up to a maximum of 30 seconds after the arrival of the heat
    • PCP makes first decision
    • Admissible or inadmissible
    • Depending on the receivable error, the images can be reviewed.
    • Decision is made by PCP and PCP alone
  • Riders may NOT push or pull
  • Riders are not allowed to slow down to hinder other riders
  • Riders may not leave their chosen riding lines to interfere with another rider
  • Riders may not T-break the rider in front of them
  • Riders need to realize that the commissaires around the track control everything
  • Riders may have shoulder contact
  • Riders cannot unbalance another rider when taking a corner
  • Fair racing is a must!
    • Intentional contact by pushing, pulling or other means which causes another competitor to slow down, fall or exit the course is not allowed and results in disqualification for breach of UCI rules (DSQ) of the originator.


2.7. Classifications and prize money

2.7.1 Day results:

  • The result is drawn up by the Commissaires Panel, based on the electronic time records and in accordance with the UCI regulations.
  • At the sole discretion of the commissaires panel, a rider can, after a heat, be classified in a ranking other than that of his actual finishing and it can be announced as a degradation (REL).
  • Riders with a relegation (REL) are placed last in their heat
  • Racers that are DSQ, DNF or DNS in the semi-finals shall not be entitled to participate in the finals.


2.7.2 General classifications:

  • The result is drawn up based on the electronic time records and in accordance with the UCI regulations.
  • The general individual ranking is decided based on the individual results of each participant.
  • The sum of points of the UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup races + Time trial World Cup point over the circuit of all races of the circuit will decide over the general UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup!
  • Points shall be divided in accordance with the below scale of points for each UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup race:
    • Race
      • 60, 40, 30, 25, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1
    • Time Trials
      • 30, 20, 15, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  • If two or more riders equal on points for the general qualification, the following criteria will be applied to determine the ranking:
    • points acquired during the heats only (excluding the points acquired during the time trials)
    • the most recently acquired points during the last race (heats + time trial)
    • the most recently acquired points during the heats of the last race (excluding the points acquired during the time trial)
    • To determine the 8 best results, the following criteria will be applied:
      • the points per race acquired during the heats and the time trials
      • the points per race acquired during the heats only
      • the most recently acquired points per race


2.7.3 UCI Points:

  • UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Championships: 110,90,80,70,60,50,40,35,30,25,20,15,10,5,3,1
  • UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup Points scale: 30,20,15,12,10,8,6,4,2,1
  • Champions League: 10,6,4,2,1
  • Continental series: 10,6,4,2,1
  • National series: 10,6,4,2,1
  • XCC Races: 10,6,4,2,1

Prize Money 2023 per category

UCI World Championships (Total: 10.000 EUR)

  • Women: 2.000, 1.000, 750, 350, 250, 200, 100, 75, 75, 50, 50, 50, 25, 25
  • Men: 2.000, 1.000, 750, 350, 250, 200, 100, 75, 75, 50, 50, 50, 25, 25

UCI World Cup (Total 10.000 EUR per race)

Eliminator (XCE) (7.000 EUR)

  • Time Trials – 1000 EUR
    • Women: 205, 100, 75, 50, 40, 30
    • Men: 205, 100, 75, 50, 40, 30
  • Eliminator Race – 6.000 EUR
    • Women: 1.300, 600, 350, 200, 150, 100, 75, 50, 50, 50, 25, 25, 25
    • Men: 1.300, 600, 350, 200, 150, 100, 75, 50, 50, 50, 25, 25, 25

GC (2000 euros per race go in the GC pot) (6 = 12000)

  • Women 2250, 1125, 750, 375, 260, 225, 185, 160, 150, 110, 110 , 75, 75, 75, 75
  • Men: 2250, 1125, 750, 375, 260, 225, 185, 160, 150, 110, 110, 75, 75, 75, 75
  • XCC Cat.3 (1.000 EUR)
    • Women: 200, 150, 75, 50, 25
    • Men: 200, 150, 75, 50, 25

Continental series (5.000 EUR per race)

Eliminator (XCE) (5.000 EUR)

  • Time trial – 400 EUR
    • Women: 75, 50, 25, 25, 25
    • Men: 75, 50, 25, 25, 25
  • Eliminator (XCE) (2.800 EUR)
    • Women: 700, 300, 100, 75, 50, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15
    • Men: 700, 300, 100, 75, 50, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15
  • GC (1.800 EUR per race go to the general pot)


National series (1.000 EUR per race)

  • Women: 200, 100, 50, 45, 35, 25, 20, 15, 10
  • Men: 200, 100, 50, 45, 35, 25, 20, 15, 10

How to receive your prize money?

  • Riders must be present on the final race to receive their prize money of the GC
  • Riders can ship their weakest result for each GC.
  • Riders send their IBAN number + bank details to max.
  • 1 month after the race
  • City Mountainbike will pay in the first month after receiving the rider’s email
  • IBAN numbers must be sent in between the first month after the race, later we don’t accept any more

3. TV regulations

3.1. Live TV

  • We start from the 1/4 finals
  • The TV floor manager decides the starts of the heats and when the 15” board can cross the track in front of the riders


3.2. Use of GoPro in the race

  • LOC decides the regulations of the use
  • Details on the event page of the race


3.3. Obligations for interviews + Flower ceremony

  • The 3rd, 2nd, and 1st best riders of the day: as soon as they cross the finish line, must go immediately to the interview backdrop for the “TV flowers ceremony”
  • We start with the flower ceremony Women directly after that the men big finals finished.
  • Be always ready and available for interviews
  • Flowers: give back to the organization (they will receive it back in the main ceremony)

4. Ceremony

4.1. XCC

4.1.1. Who?

Women: 3 on stage – Men: 3 on stage


4.1.2. We call first for women’s ceremony:

Tthe 3rd place, the 2nd, and 1st (they receive medals and flowers). A short pause for photos is given. The women then leave the podium, and we do the same procedure for the men’s ceremony.


4.2. UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup

4.2.1. Who?

Women: 5 on stage – Men: 5 on stage


4.2.2. Procedure:

  • You wait at the stairs in order of your result
  • You go on stage when speaker announces your name (first we call women’s ceremony: the 5th place, 4th, 3rd, the 2nd, and 1st. The 3 first receive medals, and all receive flowers). The 1st place or the 3 first can also receive a gift from the city or from a sponsor.
  • Please do not wear any glasses and/or caps during the national anthems.
  • After the national anthem, all riders go in front and pose for press pictures


4.3. UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup: General classification

4.3.1. Who?

Women: 3 on stage – Men: 3 on stage


4.3.2. Procedure:

  • You wait next to the podium until the results come out
  • You go (immediately) on stage when speaker announces your name
  • The general winner wears a jersey offered by the CEO of City Mountainbike (it can be customized with logos of your main sponsor)
  • Champagne shower


General Remark: Obligation to be on stage!! If you’re not present: hard UCI penalization

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Success to all riders!

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